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Recent studies have shown that a whopping 88% of consumers repurchase as a result of being in a community. Problem is, it's becoming increasingly expensive to engage and interact with users on these platforms. Over 86% of companies report that they find community to be critical to their mission, which has made the choice all the more clear.  

Take charge of your community on your own platform to gather the best insights and communicate with customers directly.

Data: Chaordix, 2021. Harvard Business Review, 2011.

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Aggregate your content, products, and discussions from multiple channels into one place: an authentic home for your community of engaged customers—all on your own terms.

The world is changing. Community driven business is here.

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“As an all in one platform, we're so excited to be using Fomova. Not only to cut out the hassle of the surveys and email questionnaires we used before, but to actually go further and truly engage and collaborate with our community.”

Libby Perry, Founder at Good Days

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