Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fomova charge users who join my community?

No, the Fomova platform is completely free for users to join. All they need to do is create their free account, accept their invitation to join your community and start engaging with the crowd.

How can I attract more users to my community?

We recommend sending out personalised invitations to your community members on any social media platform you've currently been using to interact with your customers. To keep users engaged, we recommend providing your community with incentives (contests, giveaways, etc) to engage with your content, placing a high emphasis on user-generated content within your community, and interacting with user suggestions and feedback.

How can I manage UGC created by my community members?

Once accepted into the community, your users have access to create new posts and comment on any content in your feed. If you find any inappropriate content or wish to have something removed, send us an email at and we will assist you. Keep in mind that you can remove any user from your community at any time by visiting your Crowd Settings menu.

How can I reward users for participation?

One of the most effective ways to keep users engaged in your community is to reward community members for their participation. We recommend holding regular product development and feedback events within your community to drive co-creation, and allow users to have first access to pre-order your new products. If you have any other questions about how rewards can be integrated into your community, reach out to our team at for assistance.