About Us

Our CEO and co-founder Kirsten spent years of her career in the fashion and sport industries. As she worked to stay ahead of the market and predict what consumers wanted, she always found it to be extremely tedious and time consuming to pick through all the websites, networks, trend forecasters, market insight experts, agencies, and forums. 

Together with her co-founder Mitchell, the two set out to solve this problem once and for all by allowing brands to create and own their own communities, giving them a place to interact with consumers, aggregate consumer data, identify and connect with their biggest fans, and create more transparency within the fashion industry.

Today, Fomova is helping give brands the tools they need to create, manage and own their own user communities.

Meet The Team


Kirsten Meyr

CEO + Co-Founder

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Norwegian/American Kirsten sits on 15+ years experience in global sales, commercial strategy and marketing across fashion and sport. Her career highlights brands such as Dior, Acne Studios, Danse Lente and recently one of the fastest growing startups out of Scandinavia, Db, where she helped scale the company 800+%.  All throughout her career, Kirsten felt the pains of gathering true customer insight and building authentic communities.  So, she co-founded Fomova where she thoroughly enjoys helping brands to tap into their communities with a passion. 


Mitchell Bryson

CTPO + Co-Founder

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Mitchell is a software designer and developer, creating online products and services that people love. He’s worked for and founded multiple tech companies and digital agencies where he helped design, develop and grow their products and services. Mitchell is an expert in knowing how to tap into a community to launch better products and experiences, so he co-founded Fomova where he relishes helping brands go to the next level. 


Natalie Krafft

Marketing Manager

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Natalie is a skilled marketing and public relations professional who has racked up over five years of experience in both agency and in-house marketing roles. As an organised and strategic account manager, Natalie has led international client accounts across the US, UK, LATAM, Spain, and Belgium, securing media coverage in major national news outlets and managing social media campaigns to achieve growth. Her passion and experience in driving community engagement brought her to Fomova, where she helps connect brands to the people they serve.